BPBSH Weighbridge/Truck Scale


BPBSH consists of a concrete weighing scale with a bearing area of 3M in width for the weighing of vehicles which are authorized to circulate on the road.

It is a UNIDIRECTIONAL above ground bridge.

The height of the platform is of 290/310 mm depending on its dimensions and capacities.

The longitudinal beams which form the scale, stand out on the modules so that they are used as guides to orientate the truck as it drives on to the weighbridge.

The BPBSH series are weighbridge scales with maximum capacities of 60,000 kg according to the dimensions, which go from 14Mx3M to 16Mx3M.

Please click the below link for Brochure:

BPBSH Brochure

Key Benefits

  • Pour on site
  • Modular Design
  • Heavy load capacity
  • Ideal for Permanent Locations
  • Excellent Price\Performance Ratio

Technical Specification

Parameters Description
Platform Dimensions 14x3m, 16x3m
Platform Height 290mm, 310mm depending on version
Platform Structure Fully Welded, Steel and Concrete Modular Design
Fully Floating with Longitudinal & Lateral Bumper Assembly
Maximum Capacity 60 Tonne in 20 kg Increments
Load Cell Type/ Capacity Compression/30tn
Standard Versions
Dimensions Loadcells Capacity
14M X 3M 8 60,000Kg
16M X 3M 8 60,000Kg