Coillte CGA
Security at Coillte has greatly improved with the installation of a customised weighbridge security system provided by Riteweigh. Riteweigh have customised a weighbridge security system to suite Coillte’s requirements offering them peace of mind and ensuring each log is accounted for. The security system offers real time images and video capture, controlling the transport of logs from forest to sawmill, maximising operation efficiencies and providing significant cost savings.

Coillte LogsCoillte owns over one million acres of land, most of which is forested. 1.5 million m³ was sold to Sawmill customers in 2010 and the balance was sold to Boardmills such as Coillte’s own mills, SmartPly, and Medite Europe Ltd. The vast quantity of the logs sold are processed at these Sawmills, putting pressure on operating systems and making it difficult to control and monitor the transport of logs. Riteweigh’s customised security system can be tailored to suit the requirements of any business.

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