Digital Weight Indicator

Providing a live weight display, our range of weight indicators are readable at over 30 meters (100 ft). These units are fully sealed, weatherproof and can be mounted outdoors. Our digital weight indicators are versatile, general purpose weight indicators, with a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. The design of our digital weight indicators allow for ease of operation, calibration, and setup. An integral printer interface allows easy, programmable, ticket formatting. Automatic date and time storage with the real-time clock option clearly documents all printout records.

Features Include:

  • Large 6 digit LED (VT200) or LCD (VT220) display
  • Built-in weighing and counting modes
  • Two opto-isolated setpoints
  • Alibi (Flash) memory retains last 10,000 transactions
  • Two serial ports for printing and networking (one standard)
  • Stainless steel enclosure (IP65), aluminum enclosure (option)