BPPCE Weighbridge/Truck Scale

BPPCE-V4 portada BPPCE-V2 rampes1000 BPPCE-V1 rampes1500

The model BPPCE is a transportable weighbridge/truck scale suitable for installation on any site with a reasonably level hard surface. A load bearing surface of at least 1.4Kg/cm2 is required. Using a standard forklift or ideally Hiab hoist, units can be fully installed, set up and calibrated in one day. All components are bolted together and can be disassembled and relocated with ease. Unique modular design by means of 3 modules: Crossbeams, floor and ramp modules. Each module is bolted to each other and the crossbeams are then anchored to the ground. The BPPCE combines top class performance with flexibility of location and short set up time thus eliminating the expense and detailed planning associated with conventional weighbridges/truck scales whilst retaining top class performance and functionality.

Please click the below links for Brochure and Data sheets:

Data Sheet BPPCE PDF

BPPCE Brochure PDF

Key Benefits

  • Simple to Install on Existing Roadway
  • No Special Foundation Required
  • Designed for Easy Transportation
  • Ideal for Permanent or Temporary Locations
  • Can be Dismantled and Relocated to a New Location in the Same Day
  • Excellent Price\Performance Ratio

Technical Specification

Parameters Description
Platform Dimensions 14x3m, 16x3m, 18x3m
Platform Height 285mm, 300mm on cubicle version (see data sheet)
Platform Structure Fully Welded, Steel and Modular Design
Fully Floating with Longitudinal & Lateral Bumper Assembly
Maximum Capacity 60 Tonne in 20 kg Increments
Load Cell Type/ Capacity Compression/30tn
Standard Versions
Dimensions Loadcells Capacity
14M X 3M 8 60,000Kg
16M X 3M 8 60,000Kg
18M X 3M 8 60,000kg
  • Short/Long Term Rental Options