BPGMO Weighbridge/Truck Scale

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BPGMO is a weighbridge scale with a modular design for the weighing of vehicles which are authorized to circulate on the road.

This weighbridge scale can be installed on-ground or pit. The in-built installation allows the OMNIDIRECTIONAL circulation of the vehicles on the platform. It is because of this that this scale is especially useful for small sites where it is necessary to work on the platform.

Height of the platform: 330 mm.

It contains a central sheet to facilitate the clearing of the ditch of the platform.

The modular structure facilitates the assembly of the scale and makes its transport easy and comfortable.

The BPGMO series are weighbridge scales with capacities between 30,000 kg and 60,000 kg according to its dimensions, these dimensions can go from 6Mx3M to 18Mx3M


BPGMO series has the possibility to be installed above ground with cubicles and metal access ramps to save time and money in the building of the civil work.

The metal ramps can be installed at the same time as the installation of the scale allowing weighing to commence the moment the scale is assembled.

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BPGMO Brochure PDF

Key Benefits

  • Simple to Install on Existing Roadway
  • No Special Foundation Required
  • Designed for Easy Transportation
  • Ideal for Permanent locations
  • Can be Dismantled and Relocated to a New Location
  • Excellent Price\Performance Ratio

Technical Specification

Parameters Description
Platform Dimensions 14x3m, 16x3m, 18x3m
Platform Height 330mm
Platform Structure Fully Welded, Steel and Modular Design
Fully Floating also comes in composite design
Maximum Capacity 60 Tonne in 20 kg Increments
Load Cell Type/ Capacity Compression/30tn
Standard Versions
Dimensions Loadcells Capacity
14M X 3M 8 60,000Kg
16M X 3M 8 60,000Kg
18M X 3M 8 60,000kg
  • Short/Long Term Rental Options