Vehicle Control and Site Security

Automatic Barriers

Commercial or industrial companies often require access control to their processing facilities to allow entrance to duly authorized people only. These days, although technology offers a variety of control systems, barriers remain the simplest and most convenient solution to control access at your facility. With a simple and functional design, we can effectively control access to your business facility using the automatic barriers we provide to our customers.

Traffic Lights

We supply a complete traffic signal system to efficiently operate your weighbridge, increase throughput and reduce operating costs. We provide a two aspect Green/Red lighting system to control traffic entering and exiting the weighbridge facility. The traffic lights are made of LED-based traffic signal modules for the highest optical performance. With low power consumption, our traffic systems provide a long life solution to your traffic control needs.


Security within an industrial/commercial environment is extremely important to maximize operation efficiencies. We provide customized security systems to suit the requirements you need so you can have peace of mind at all times. We supply Day/Night CCTV camera systems so you can capture the best quality video and imagery no matter what time of the day it is. Our security cameras monitor all weighbridge activity with motion sensitive 24 hour digital recording. Up to 16 cameras can be used and the site\premises can be monitored remotely over your telephone line. Camera images of the truck and operator are captured at point of weighing and saved onto your system along with weighbridge transaction data providing complete security at unmanned weighbridges.

Vehicle Recognition System

In order to accurately identify vehicles entering onto the weighbridge it is important to have an effective Vehicle Recognition System that is capable of the automatic detection, identification and recognition of the registration number of any vehicle. Windscreen or chassis mount transponders with unique blip codes will automatically identify a vehicle at up to 6 metres (20 feet). This can be used to open gats/barriers or automatically retrieve truck tare weight.